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What's The Current Mood at Wilmelsport?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Right now, of course, USA's professional soccer season- 2017 is winding down. USL, NASL, NWSL, and finally MLS, all wrapping up or already wrapped up! It's exciting to see the dramatic results in the Major League Soccer (MLS)  playoffs!  Who will take it all? Who deserves it most? What has new sports technology brought to the beautiful game? How has it changed the landscape of the game from fans', leagues', players' etc standpoints? 

Wait, who doesn't wake up everyday feeling the sting of USA not qualifying for  FIFA World Cup 2018? All the "what ifs" and "what might have beens" are a daily torment; just like waking up from a sweet dream only to return to a bitter reality... sigh! Great hopes ahead for 2022 (boy, that can't come soon enough!)

Shout out to Lifetime TV and National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) for bringing quality television games into our living rooms. One of our female counterparts at Wilmelsport owes you all the thanks for swaying the "never watching Lifetime TV" male counterparts away from their (stubborn) oath!!

Moving on (even hung-over drunks do, why not?) there are more exciting things to look forward to. The off-season won't be that boring either. Rumors about the Columbus Crew SC migrating (aka moving <wink wink>) to another state is bewildering to some observers and nerve-wrecking to its diehards in Ohio. Oh well, that's business...get used to it. So, which MLS players will we be surprised to see suited up in completely new jerseys next season? Who will hang their cleats/boots up for good?

The beautiful game is still alive in the rest of the world though. How about we loosen up and watch/ follow teams from other leagues elsewhere in the world? Come on,  binge-watch all those games you missed or procrastinated about watching because you had too much domestic soccer on your plate!

At Wilmelsport, our business hat does not get so comfortable on its rack, and soon college tourneys are going to be the focus of our attention. Who you got in your corner? Who are some of the cool kids you'll be watching? Isn't it cool that with an increase in televised college soccer games we all get to see more than just the cream of the media filtered, shortlisted crop of talent? We at Wilmelsport are, however, not oblivious to NCAA rules. We seek to maintain compliance. For that reason, not even the busiest buddy on our team will be trying to break them rules, haha!

The creature over here jotting all this 'blah blah blah' is grateful for your very valuable time invested in reading this article. If you persevered to this point, you are a keeper!  As a reward, enjoy the  upcoming USA-Portugal game--- I guess, the closest you will get to the US Men's National Team playing a world cup 2018 team. Shhhhh... don't tell my boss, please! I still need my gig.

 Peace, and thanks!

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