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CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: We are proud to be one of the leading football/soccer agencies in the United States which has been active in the professional domestic leagues of the United States and Canada for nearly 20 years.  Our office has represented MLS All-Stars, first round draft choices, "US lottery picks" and international transfer of players entering into the league.  Our legal background allows us to approach the negotiation stage from a position of strength and experience that not all agencies can share.

DRAFT PREPARATION: For a young prospect with the hopes of entering into the MLS draft, our agency believes that an individual and aggressive approach to exposure and preparation is best for our client. Our Pre-Draft regiment of advancing our clients to prospective team placement, is unmatched by any other agency. Creating the right focus on training, video and profile information is vital in order to obtain the desired result.​

​MARKETING AND ENDORSEMENTS: Our agency has consistently been a leader in landing our clients off the field earning opportunities.  Maintaining strong corporate relationships on a local, national and global level, has enabled our clients to compete not equally, but beyond the average athlete in this competitive field.

POST CAREER COUNSELING: Sooner or later, our clients need to prepare for life​ after competing on the field. This might be in a field totally outside of soccer/football, or a direct step into coaching, marketing, ownership and/or sports management to name just a few.  We are proud to have a dynamic track record of preparing out clients both vocationally and economically for this extremely important time of transition in their career.​

FINANCIAL/LEGAL/TAX PLANNING: Given our long standing business foundation and professional experience for over 25 years, our advisory and working relationships with licensed professionals in all aforementioned areas, has provided the direct and personal services for all our player/clients.  Only a strong track record of satisfied clients can boast with pride this type and style of management to our players!​

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