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  • Michael J. Hierholzer

USWNT Effect On Equal Treatment For Women Soccer Players All Over The World

With the Women's World Cup right around the corner, how will national team presidents resolve unfair pay and treatment of women footballers all over the world?

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On March 1 2023 I came across this article that made me think deeply about this issue. According to the article in the link below, "Player protests and high-level resignations are dominating headlines amid a growing sense of reckoning in women's soccer less than five months before the World Cup kicks off.

Noel Le Graet, president of France's soccer federation (FFF), resigned on Tuesday, while Canada Soccer boss Nick Bontis stepped down a day earlier with those countries' players embroiled in bitter disputes with their federations."

I actually engaged with the blog post with a comment expressing my views on this topic. Here's my take on the events that have recently transpired, globally, according to the article in the link mentioned above:

The USWNT's equal pay lawsuit against the USSF has inspired women all over the world to stand up for not only equal pay in international soccer but for equal treatment of female athletes. After the U.S. settled its $24 million lawsuit at the beginning of 2022, more and more female international teams and players are speaking out against unequal pay and the treatment of women soccer players. With the women's World Cup less than five months away, several players are standing up in support of change. Fifteen Spanish National Team players have withdrawn from international selection as a statement to provoke equality. The captain of the French National Team is refusing to play until the French head coach is removed, and the Canadian Women's National Team is boycotting a pre-World Cup camp this month regarding unfair pay and treatment of players. The USWNT is quoted as saying, "although we are now on the other side of this fight... our counterparts in Canada and elsewhere are experiencing the same pervasive misogyny and unequal treatment that we faced." With this issue being so present at such a demanding time in women's soccer, how quickly will this issue be resolved?

Developing Story | Thursday, 03/09/2023 : Canada women's team players 'shocked' by federation's CBA reveal: Reuters


About the author/ writer:

Michael J. Hierholzer

Suffolk University Law School J.D. Candidate, 2024

Wilmelsport Intern 2022-23


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