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Jordan Burt 'busted'! This once, at least...


Nosy Us!

Jordan Burt could not survive the unanimous vote as this week's featured athlete and client of Wilmelsport. Why? Recently, an unsuspecting Wilmelsport staffer was assigned a project of updating Jordan's profile along with extra materials to use. To the shock of this staffer, Jordan Burt (whose updates' monitoring and player stats' tracking had been a frequent assignment to this particular staffer) now had another rather intriguing side to him that had remained unknown before the supporting materials revealed so!

Yes, Jordan has a really exciting lifestyle outside his professional soccer (or Football for the beautiful game's snobs) career. It's not the lifestyle you easily dismiss! Of course if you are a 'Gram junkie, and you already follow Jordan, this is not as shocking to you as it is to slow pokes like us some of us! His exploits are a frequent treat for his followers on there. Hello??? The guy's love for the outdoors, his passion for them, and the documentation thereof are very obvious!



Ok now...let's indulge!

The 6′ 1″ sportsman... Wait! The guy has the looks, the talent and the brains...ummm, isn't that more than enough for one person? How unfair can life get? Why wouldn't that be just enough? Well, sit still; the list continues. After he makes all the ticket buyers and game fans happy, instead of heading home to chill and play some FIFA v-games, the guy's mind is on his outdoors adventures. We have evidence!


"I have a number of passions, with a lot of them revolving around the outdoors. I am always looking forward to something, whether it be fly fishing for winter steelhead, alpine cutthroat in the summer, elk hunting in the fall, or chasing ducks and geese with my brother during the offseason. I have a love for getting outside and experiencing all that it has to offers. I am primarily a fly fisherman, but I easily get excited about any fishing or hunting activity. For me, it is about going to amazing places with people you care about and being in awe of what God has created. I don't claim to be a good sportsman by any means, but I do seem to have an unrivaled passion that gives me the drive to get out as much as possible.

During season, fishing and hunting gives me balance. The peace of the mountains and rivers always brings things back into perspective for me and I need that, especially in the hectic world of professional soccer. So now, a few teammates like Josh Phillips, Josh Suggs and myself have started 'Backline Outdoors'.

On a high level, we provide content for outdoor companies we know and love and promote them through our social following. The life of a pro soccer players gives you time to get out and do amazing things. As a group, we love soccer but spend most of our down time out in the woods, chasing elk or on the stream looking for trout. It is pretty amazing to share my two passions (soccer and the outdoors) with these guys."

Jordan chronicle's his adventures mainly on my Instagram page: @jmburt25 . Learn more about his adventures by visiting


I also started Pro Performance with Luke Vercollone and James Riley. We use our platform as pros to build into youth players on the mental side of the game. We have over 40 mentors that take teams and individuals through our curriculum. Learn more about!

Some Videos from PRO PERFORMANCE GURU Activities/Events:

​Yes, the kid can do it all. Makes one (kinda) jealous, but at least he's someone to look up to when nothing's seemingly going on on our end, right? Jordan, you rock! Here's to greater heights!!! Rock on...

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